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We will add more titles to this store soon, but for the present moment, here's a small selection of artists.
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Luke Jackson is a rising star in the world of contemporary folk music. All his songs tell a story. When I first heard one of his tracks on a link to YouTube, I instantly became a fan. I searched YouTube and played track after track. What a talent he has! And given that many of the tracks I initially found were written when he was a teenager, he clearly has a great future ahead of him. Below are some of his best albums. Fumes and Faith, and More than Boys are my two favourites.

Show of Hands are one of the most popular acts around, and it's hard to know where to start with recommended albums for a group as talented as these. As an Amazon Prime user, I can stream their music and can recommend you try listening to them. At this exact point in time as I edit the website, I've got The Long Way Home playing, so let's start with that album. ;). And Roots The best of, well the title says it all. Cold Cuts is a live (and very lively) album.

Seth Lakeman is another popular musician - so popular that recently Robert Plant invited him to join him on tour! He started off in a band with his brothers, before releasing solo albums. The Punch Bowl got rave reviews and a star was born. This was followed by Kitty Jay, one of his fiddle orientated albums. More great music followed these works of course, including a Mercury Music Prize.

Kris Drever, is worth listening to, along with his band Lau. BBC Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year 2017, with a contemporary style. His band has been described as a bit avante garde / progressive, but his latest album, If Wishes Were Horses, is a simpler style and popular with many people. More stripped down, say fans, and thus more accessible. To me, it just sounded like good contemporary, mainly acoustic, music! As did Mark the Hard Earth (below).

When it comes to well known folk musicians, Fairport Convention should be known to everyone who hasn't lived on the moon for the last 50 years! With such a large catalogue, I thought I'd start by suggesting a collection of five of their albums, at a bargain price too. Or for the more adventurous there's Then and Now 1982 - 1996! And whose not heard Babbacombe Lee or Lieghe and Lief - big selling albums that pushed them to the forefront of folk music.

Megson - Stu and Debs Hanna are a joy to listen to. Three times nominated in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and double winners of the Spiral Earth Awards Megson draw heavily on their Teesside heritage to create a truly unique brand of folk music, with modern themes. It's easy to see why they have won awards. Enjoy!

Dougie Maclean, one of Scotland's best known singer songwriters, has a large back catalogue. An international star with sellout tours of the USA in 2017. Strangely I couldn't get his latest album, New Tomorrow, to appear here, but Amazon have it in stock along with many others. Try his popular Essential double CD set for a taster if you haven't heard him before. Essential Too is another double CD set. Tribute, from 1999, is a great, atmospheric CD, with magical guitar work. Exactly what I like.

I hope you like my selection of great albums, and that they help you decided what to add to your music collection.

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