UK Folk Festivals - Coming Soon

Folk Music Festivals Coming Soon

These are the festivals with a start date from today onwards for the next five weeks. So if you need a quick fix of your favourite musical genre, try one of these great music festivals. We're sure you'll enjoy the music. They are arranged in date order, with the soonest one first.

Remember, we can't check every ticket price, unfortunately, as some are not listed until closer to the event, so we advise you to check the prices yourself.

Click on a festival name and it expands to reveal the full details (like the first one).

Taking place in November

The Great British Folk Festival - 27th Nov 2020 - Butlin's Skegness, Lincolnshire

A great big weekend break at Butlins, with many top acts booked.

Yes, festivals don't stop just because it is November!

Location: Butlin's Skegness
Date: Friday 27th November 2020 for 3 day(s)
Full Price: £115
Contact for info:
County: Lincolnshire
Country: England

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