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We are updating the festivals for 2020. If you are a folk / traditional / acoustic music festival organiser and your festival's site is not listed / updated, just drop us a line with the details that we typically display. (See the Contact page.)

The UK folk music scene is a large and vibrant music genre, with folk and traditional music clubs in almost every town in the the country. Folk music festivals are an important part of the folk or traditional music scene. They give artists a chance to showcase their talents to a much larger audience than the average folk music club will provide. I don't know anyone who has gone to a festival and not returned with news of some new band that impressed them. (Okay, a group that was new to them anyway.)

Finding a folk festival has now become easier. We aim to list almost all the festivals in the UK. If you know of one that's missing, do let us know, so we can update the lists. We have arranged the festivals by country and by date, as well as our famous Big List which covers all those festivals that we know about. Festivals starting within the next five weeks can be found on our This Month page.

The list of music festivals is initially compressed when displayed, to make scrolling through it easier. Clicking on a festival name expands the details to show the festival location, dates, ticket prices and a brief summary of the event.

Prices - concession prices, early birds, full adult and family prices would complicate our listings, so we tend to list either the full adult price, or the adult early bird price if it is available for a long time. Perhaps next year we'll list all of them.

We have taken a slightly liberal view in our interpretation of a folk festival, in an attempt to include as wide a variety as possible (we don't usually include dance only festivals, but there are a few). Better to have a wider choice than you wanted than miss out something that you would really like to know about. And we make a point of visiting every web site listed, to check the festival is on and the site is live.

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Boomtown Behind the Mask

Location: Matterley Estate, Winchester, SO21 1HW
Date: Wednesday 12th August 2020 for 5 day(s)
Full Price: £246
Also available Various other tickets too.
Contact for info:
County: Hampshire
Country: England

Shetland Fiddle Frenzy

Location: Various locations
Date: Wednesday 12th August 2020 for 7 day(s)
Full Price: £465
Contact for info:
County: Shetlands
Country: Scotland

Fairport's Cropredy Convention

Location: Cropredy
Date: Thursday 13th August 2020 for 3 day(s)
Full Price: £145
Contact for info:
County: Oxfordshire
Country: England

Saltburn Festival

Location: Saltburn
Date: Thursday 13th August 2020 for 4 day(s)
Full Price: £80
Also available Saturday tickets £40
Contact for info: 07397 313159 /
County: Cleveland
Country: England

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